Digital nomad in Chiang Mai (Video Guide )

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I have plenty of free information on on chiang mai.

The Chiang Mai Digital nomad Video guide is designed for digital nomads or on-line workers that are interested in working and living abroad in Chiang Mai.

This guide will appeal particularly to Creators. Content Creators are digital nomads who produce content like youtube videos, on-line courses, e-books or blog posts. This

I'm Greg Hung. A Canadian Videographer/ Digital Nomad in his late thirties that  lived in Taiwan for 2.5 years before discovering Chiang Mai, Thailand. I've lived in the trendy Nimman neighborhood of Chiang Mai for 6 months and plan to return. I've created online drone courses, filmed corporate videos, and filmed stock footage around South East Asia. I prefer slow travel and a comfortable lifestyle as opposed to a backpacker nomadic lifestyle. I still have an eye for value and this guide will help you find value and comfort in Chiang Mai

Here are the planned chapters in the guide

Why is Chiang Mai a great place to be a digital nomad and content creator (air, water, food, safety, rent etc


Travel Opportunities using Chiang Mai as a base

Sample monthly/daily living costs

How to rent an apartment and where to stay

Where to work

How to meet other entrepreneurs/friends

Where to go relax and exercise/ Massage guide

Where to get a haircut

Getting a sim card

Getting around

Greg's favorite eats for local and Western food

Some favorite co-work spaces in Chiang Mai

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Available on March 31, 2016 at 4:00 AM
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Digital nomad in Chiang Mai (Video Guide )

0 ratings
I want this!