Travel Flight Animation Pack

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Now you can use your Travel Map Pack in your Videos to show a Flight from 1 destination to Another. These are great for visually showing your trip for a vacation video or for a video intro.

Our Base Package includes the following flight routes locations Kuala Lumpur (KL) to Bangok, Chiang Mai, and Kuala Lumpur. We also have Singapore to Bali

We also have a Canada to USA Road trip starting from Toronto and ending at California.

We understand that this pack won't suit everyones needs so for our launch we are including 3 custom requests.

The Files are in MP4 format. Full HD 1920 * 1080P and are compatible with Windows and MAC

After Purchase you Will receive a link to download the base package and to email us your 3 requests for a customer animation

Version 2

 - NYC yo San Francisco (Both Ways)

- Tokyo to San Francisco (Both Ways)

- San Francisco to Tokyo (Both Ways)

- New York to Los Angeles (Both Ways)

- Vancouver to Hong Kong (Both Ways)

- NYC to Las Vegas (Both Ways)

- SanFran to NYC (Both Ways)

-NYC to London (Both Ways)

-Vancouver to London (Both Ways)

- London to Barcelona (both ways)

-London to Ibiza (both ways)

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Travel Flight Animation Pack

0 ratings
I want this!