Interview On-line Teaching Expert Rob Cubbon in Chiang Mai

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Interview time 1 hour 14 minutes

BONUS - 30 Page PDF slides from his talk at the Chiang Mai Nomad Coffee Meet

Rob Cubbon is one of the authorities in online teaching on platforms like Udemy. He publishes regular income reports where he earns over $5000+ from Udemy and Skillshare. He also shares useful tips and tactics from online teachers. He was the first expert I came across when I was researching and trying to make the decision whether to invest time and energy into online teaching. He was sharing his income reports and some great tactics on teaching on Udemy. When I moved from Taiwan to Chiang Mai I tried to connect with him, but he had already left.

I was at the Friday Nomad coffee meetup started by Johnny FD when I recognized Rob’s face. He was down to earth and friendly and we met for an informal chat November 2015. Rob was kind enough to let me record the interview at the Mana café co-workspace. I quickly prepared a list of questions. I already had over a year of on-line teaching experience under my belt so my questions will appeal to existing on-line teachers looking to take their craft to the next level. Rob is a great guy, down to earth, and very generous with his time. I wish him lots of future success.

Some tips I learned

• Keep on providing free content to build your list until it is large enough to focus on paid marketing

• There is value in developing your personal brand and website especially when trying to get Udemy students to your website

• There may be changes in the on-line learning landscape so focus on building your email list

• Rob saves time by outsourcing the editing of his video lessons

• The truth behind publishing income reports on the Internet

• There are people in Chiang Mai doing very well, but as public. There is value in sharing information in your niche even if you are not the highest earner in your craft.

As preparation for the interview here are a list of the questions I prepared for Rob. As I prefer a natural conversation I approach was not to interrogate Rob, so I may not have asked all these questions.

Here are a list of sample questions:

What have you been up to? what brings you to Chiang mai

How many courses do you have published now?

What is the size of your list and how often do you email them and what do you write in them?

What marketing strategies are you employing (Fbook ads, email list, google marketing)

Udemy as a top funnel strategy . Are you cross promoting in the video summary?

I see a large part of your revenue on Udemy comes from promotion.

Are you using other teaching platforms?

What marketing channels are working for you on Udemy and skillshare?

What are you thoughts on skilled shutting down

How are you creating your courses now using what tools?

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Interview On-line Teaching Expert Rob Cubbon in Chiang Mai

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