Canggu Bali Prep Package

Greg Hung
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If you're looking for the specific information to help get setup in Bali then I can help. Please read my free post first

- How to survive getting from the airport to your villa

- Google map with geo-coordinates that be used as self-guide tour. It will include the villa's I stayed at, places to work, places to visit, grocery shop, liquor stores, gym, change money, where to use the atm safely

- Secret access to the beach where you don't have to pay a toll

- Where to get your sim card and which package

- Where to stay - Full info on the Villa's I stayed at in Canggu & Ubud ( long term rates, contact info, pics)

- Great places to film and take photos in Bali

- Email Access to me - I'll answer 2 specific questions you may have on Bali

Available on June 1st, 12PM CST
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Canggu Bali Prep Package

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