The Digital nomad in Taiwan Guide Plus Bonus interviews

Greg Hung
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The Taiwan Digital nomad guide is designed for digital nomads or on-line workers that are interested in working and living abroad in Taiwan.

BONUS: Johnny Fd is a well known digital nomad based in Chiang Mai. I have included the podcast video interviews (4 parts obo 50 mminutes)

I'm a Canadian that visited Taiwan in 2012 for a wedding. I returned in 2013 for a 1 year working holiday and ended up living there for almost 2.5 years. Taiwan is a gem in asia that often gets overlooked for Thailand and Indonesia. There are many benefits to Taiwan like generous tour visas.

Here are chapters in the guide

Why is Taiwan a great place to be a digital nomad (air, water, food, safety, rent etc


Sample monthly/daily living costs

How to rent an apartment and where to stay

Where to work

How to meet other entrepreneurs/friends

Survival Chinese

Where to go relax and exercise

Where to get a haircut

Getting a sim card

Getting around

Greg's favorite eats

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The Digital nomad in Taiwan Guide Plus Bonus interviews

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